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TOKYO– Toyota Motor will halt production at 14 Japanese assembly lines for up to 4 days with Saturday, after a weekend earthquake in northeastern Japan interfered with operations at the car manufacturer’s suppliers.The suspension

begins as very early as Wednesday and also impacts fifty percent of Toyota’s 28 lines at 9 manufacturing facilities across the country, consisting of subsidiaries such as Hino Motors. These lines are associated with generating a large range of models, from the Harrier sport utility car to the luxury Lexus brand.Some parts makers for Toyota suffered damage from the 7.3-magnitude quake, which rocked Fukushima, Miyagi as well as other prefectures on Saturday. The car manufacturer stated its supply of semiconductors was unaffected.Toyota did not reveal the variety of vehicles likely to be influenced. Based on its result from 2019, the business can suffer a decrease of about 5,000 to 6,000 cars per day.The business has yet to make a decision on reactivating the 14 lines next week, and will certainly base the decision

on problems at its suppliers.Other large Japanese automakers have no plans to adjust result over the Saturday quake. Nissan Electric motor’s engine factory in Fukushima did not endure damage. Mazda Electric motor likewise claimed it has no plans to minimize output as a result of damage at suppliers.Honda Electric motor, Suzuki Electric Motor, Mitsubishi Motors as well as Subaru strategy to continue manufacturing customarily as well.Many car manufacturers were required to stop assembly line in Japan as well as abroad following the 2011 earthquake as well as tidal wave, owing to the influence on Renesas Electronic devices, a crucial provider of auto chips. Toyota suspended all production in Japan as well as did not go back to full ability for roughly a month.But the automaker claims its chip supply is not a concern this time around around. Renesas began resuming manufacturing in phases on Wednesday.